Greetings and Welcome.   

As a writer of inspirational fiction, it is my desire to bring my readers into a greater understanding of a life in relationship with our Heavenly Father, his Son Jesus and our great Helper, Holy Spirit. 

God’s desire is an open and exciting communication with his beloved.  We, that includes you, are His beloved. My prayer is that as you read my stories, you will be inspired to a deeper fellowship of faith.

The characters in my stories are all somewhere on this journey, whether they live in present-day Canada or Ireland in the 12th century.

On this website, you will find out a little bit more about me and my works in progress. My blog – Peripheral Writings – is where you will read more about my journey in faith and writing.

I also have a Newsletter – Musings & Marginalia.  Those who subscribe** will receive a once a month note from me which will be a bit more personal. When it comes time to announce the publication of my work subscribers will be the first to know and can get in on sneak-peaks and giveaways. I also share a short work of fiction each month based on an idea sent in by one of my subscribers. It is a bit of fun and I hope you’ll participate.

** As of January 2018, a short story, More than an Inkling which introduces the heroine in my current novel project, will be sent to you as a thank you for signing up for my newsletter.