All That It Takes - Front Cover


A human trafficking ring is operating in the shadows of her city. When they murder her husband, Julia Bowen is determined to turn on the light. 

“An enjoyable and well-researched thriller that also effectively raises awareness about human trafficking.”

~ Phil Gazley – Co-Founder of the Kern Coalition Against Human Trafficking and former law enforcement trainer.

Greetings and Welcome.

God is with us. No matter where, no matter when, no matter who. He is right there with you, right now with you, and focused solely on you.

As a writer of inspirational fiction, it is my desire to bring my readers into a greater understanding of who this God – who has promised to be with us – is, why he has made this promise and how we can know him.

My prayer is that as you read my stories, you will find a loving God who is beside us in the midst of our everyday circumstances and that you would be inspired to have a deeper fellowship with Him.

The characters in my stories are all somewhere on this journey, whether they live in the past or the present.

On this website, you will find out a little bit more about me and my works in progress.

My main focus of engagement is my Newsletter – Musings & Marginalia, where I have more personal communication with my subscribers. It is a once a month letter from me to you which includes a short story based on a prompt sent in by a reader. Yes, you too can inspire fiction and maybe win a special prize. Check out my Contests Page for more information.

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