In the December 2018 installment of my newsletter, I announced an annual contest for those marvelous and supportive souls who subscribe to Musings and Marginalia.


The heart of this contest comes from the age-old practice of letter writing. With the advent of email and text messaging our modern society/culture has lost this very personal means of communication. I have a longing in my heart to lead a more contemplative and intentional life. Times of prayer, journaling, reading, and letter writing are now part of my weekly, if not daily practice.

This desire for more meaningful engagement flows into the communication with my newsletter subscribers. From the beginning of Musings & Marginalia, I have asked my subscribers to send me a prompt, either the beginning of a sentence, a picture, or an idea, and I write a short story based on it. That short story will appear in a future newsletter. I have had some wonderful prompts since starting this challenge, and I value my readers joining me on my writing journey in this way.

WHAT: The Contest In a Nutshell…

This contest is only open to my newsletter subscribers. So, if you are not yet a subscriber, you can sign up here…

WHO Can Participate:

Every person who sends me a prompt throughout the year will have their name put into a hat (well, a jar really) and at the end of the year, I will draw a winner. The winner will receive from me in the mail, a series of letters, ephemera related to letters and writing, and something else that will be a secret, as it will be different each year.

It won’t be a huge package, as letters are quite compact, so this contest is open to any of my subscribers, no matter where in the world they live. It will be a surprise, and until I know the package has been received, I won’t announce the winner.

For each package, I will attempt to personalize it. If you hit reply to my newsletter email and send me a prompt, I ask that you also tell me a little about yourself, something not everyone knows, or only your friends know. Favourite things/hobbies, things you collect, places you’ve visited or would like to visit; favourite author or book series. Anything that has a theme in your life, that will help me personalize the package if you win.


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