Weapons in my Armoury – You Gotta Want it!!!

I love the Comic Strip by Bill Watterson. The above image of Calvin perfectly represents how I feel at my desk more often then I care to admit.

Since making the decision to get serious about writing as a career I would say the biggest thing I have learned so far is to succeed you have to really, and I mean really want it. You can’t take the lackadaisical attitude of I think I’ll write a book and get it published one day. If you do, it won’t happen.

Having a career as an author is so much more than just writing a book. Writing a book is an accomplishment in itself, but unless you are content to have a single draft of that book sitting in a drawer, a book you spent hours writing, you have to think bigger.

You have to have the mindset that you are starting a business, because, you are.

So, figure out what you want to write, get involved in the writing community, make a plan, make a website/blog, work at your craft, figure out social media, and for goodness sake figure out the newsletter thing.

Now. Just. Breathe.

And if you look at all that lies between you and actually publishing a book – Oh and selling it, because if you don’t actually sell any copies then what was the purpose? Hmmmm  – and you aren’t daunted or run screening in the other direction, then you might, just might, really want it.

I say…..Bring it on!

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