Next week I leave for a five-week holiday. I am busy trying to finish the edits on my novel before I go in addition to the million things that need to happen around the house before I go and leave Mummie in my sister’s very capable hands.

To continue the theme of Throwback Thursday and to incorporate the travel theme I found this post from my old website and thought it was very fitting.  It was originally published Friday 18 March 2011, shortly before I was going to Hawaii for the first time.


Cheap Flights, Cheap Flights.

I’m always looking for a cheap flight. I have wanderlust.

I don’t usually check luggage. I once traveled through Russia, Europe and Ireland for a three month period all the while living out of a carry-on. Yes, it can be done. You really don’t need as much “stuff” as you think you need.

For entertainment, while traveling I carry cheap novels, that I don’t mind leaving along the way. Hostels usually have a place to leave and pick up a good read. My iPod shuffle usually will suffice for some musical entertainment, but I tend to enjoy meeting people and don’t use them very often.

I can sleep on a plane, train, or in an automobile without too much trouble, so rarely suffer from jet lag.

Why am I talking about travel you might ask? Well, I am flying to Hawaii soon, and someone sent me this hilarious youtube video.

Having flown Ryan Air (which I love by the way), and out of Stansted, this video really had me rolling on the floor.

Before returning to Canada in 2001 after living in the UK, I took one last trip to Italy and flew Ryan Air. I went to Genoa for 3 days.

The flight costs 3.99 each way, that’s pounds sterling, not dollars (all below prices are sterling). Yes, that is a total flight cost of 7.98 The taxes were around 18.00 which is still a low fare.

It actually cost me more to get to Stansted airport than the return flight to Italy from London.

Flight to Genoa, Italy from Stansted leaving at 7 am. Taxi (because at 4 am, the underground wasn’t running, and the night buses are few and far between) for 15.00.

Train from Liverpool Street station to Stansted 26.00
Train schedule was 05:20 arriving Stansted at 05:56

Checkin (in those days before online checking) at 6 am.

Now, with this experience under my belt, you will understand why this video really hit home.

Hope you enjoy.

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