Vacation on my Mind, or in my case Vacation Brain

I am truly in vacation mode. Naps, long lazy chats with friends and family, long walks visiting my old neighbourhood haunts and eating, a lot of eating.

I am currently sitting in the Metropolitan Moose, a log house coffee shop two doors down from my sister’s in Kakabeka Falls, Ontario. The baked goods are to die for. I have been here a lot.

Today I had a lovely lunch while accessing their wifi. My sister does not have a computer, and therefore no wireless access. It has forced me to unplug in a big way. Of course, I have my phone, but as my data package is limited, I only do a quick check of email once a day.

I spent this last weekend at a relative’s summer camp. It was warm and lovely, Spring is truly arriving in northwestern Ontario. The leaves are just starting to bud and the light green of the poplar trees is a fresh contrast to the dark evergreens. I spent time in the hot tub, playing Mexican train and learning three new solitaire card games from my nephew. I also managed to have the first tick of the season. Yuck!

Needless to say, I haven’t been doing much writing. I want to do some writing while I’m here, but family is first for the remainder of the month. I have not had this much time all at once around my Ontario family and I am thoroughly enjoying just hanging with the clan.

I will be doing some posting, but can’t promise how frequently. I can promise, there will be pictures and thoughts as I spend time wandering along memory lane.

Bye for now.


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