Spring Lilacs

The clouds from the weekend rains have cleared and I am sitting at my desk with the window open. The scent of lilacs from across the street wafts in and I am again reminded how blessed I am to live in Victoria. The early spring with its blooming plumb trees starts as early as February on some of our city streets. It makes the months of rain and overcast skies worth it.
I often get out from under the dreary skies in April, but this year, illness prevented a trip to sunny California. I am blessed with all the blooms that greet me as I walk around my neighbourhood. I can’t complain about missing my trip. Except for not seeing the friends I had planned to visit.
Lilacs have always made me happy. As an apartment dweller, I am sad I cannot grow lilacs. I know there are some varieties that you can, but they take more care than I have time for at this point in my life. If I owned a house I would plant every variety of lilac I could.
When I walk and cycle around town I stop at nearly every lilac bush to inhale. Their blooms are so fleeting, I have to get as much of them before they bid us good-bye for another year.
I have decided to make Mondays a day I post something beautiful. 
Lilacs are beautiful, indeed.

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