…is what a writer does, and then some.


Saturday’s are going to be a day to post what this writer does in relation to her ambition to be published.

In striving to be as accurate as possible in my writing there are countless hours of research involved. In the endless hours of reading, I quite often stumble across amazing true facts completely unrelated to what I am researching. This post is about just such a discovery.

Taken from a book I have on Word and Phrase origins…

QUIZ . A short test. The tale may be apocryphal, but it’s said that in the late 18th century Dublin theatre manager James Daly bet that he could invent and introduce a new meaningless word into the language almost overnight. He proceeded to pay Dublin urchins to chalk the word ‘quiz’ on every wall in town. By morning almost all Dubliners had seen the word, and because no one knew what it meant, the meaningless quiz became the word for “a test of knowledge”.

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