I usually make resolutions for each new year. This past year, my big resolution was to not purchase any new fiction. As a writer of fiction, you might think that is strange. They say, as a fiction writer, you need to read in the genre you are writing.

I had no control. Too much money went towards books. Changes needed to happen.

At the beginning of 2019, I decided to reign in this spending habit by imposing a BIG restriction. It did not mean I could not acquire new fiction, just that I could not spend actual money on it.

So, to impose a restriction on buying fiction seems counter intuitive. But here’s how I did acquire new fiction:

  • Friends and family gifted me some marvelous books
  • Free Little Libraries in my neighbourhood saw me visit more often, and,
  • I purged my book shelves and took them into a local used bookstore for credit, and used that credit to acquire new fiction (no actual cash out of my pocket)

And, I was doing pretty good until I attended the Surrey International Writer’s Conference at the end of October. I attended a fabulous workshop and enjoyed the presenter so much, I purchased one of his works of historical fiction, and had him autograph it.

Resolution broken.

Once broken, I did spend a bit more on some new to me fiction, as a local bookstore, had a moving sale. I think, I acquire two more books of fiction which I paid cash for.

All in all, I think I did pretty good.

In 2020, I have a new literary resolution.

Use my local library more.

What about you? What is your new year’s resolution?

2 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions”

  1. I think you did pretty darn good for a compulsive book buyer. Speaking of the library, I have been using mine like crazy and even got Ray his own library card. He has checked out lots of books in new genres for him. I’m just loving the inter library loan feature of our local library. The world is the limit.

    1. Dear Patience, thanks for your comment. I don’t know what I’d do without my library card. The only time in my entire life that I have not had a local library card is when I’ve lived outside of Canada. I’m glad Ray got his own card. hugs

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