Illuminated Manuscripts give me an amazing amount of pleasure and inspiration. On this blog, today is Something Beautiful Monday and this is the cover image of the latest addition to my personal library. I found this beautiful book Friday in the rare book section of our local beloved bookstore – Russell Books.

During my Medieval Studies degree, my coursework focused on the study of Medieval Illuminated Manuscripts.  I had an amazing Instructor during the first year of my Undergraduate degree at the University of Victoria (UVIC),  Dr. Erik Kwakkel. I consider him instrumental in my passion for Medieval manuscripts as well as in my academic writing success. UVIC lost an amazing treasure when unable to attain a full-time position, he returned to his native Netherlands to take up a position at his alma mater, Leiden University. He undertook a five-year study entitled: Turning Over a New Leaf. His contribution to the study of the Medieval book production is world renowned. If you have any interest in Medieval Manuscripts Erik Kwakkel is the guy to follow. Find him on his blog and Tumblr account for amazing images and information on medieval manuscripts.

One day, I will be finished my current work in progress, a contemporary thriller. Then I can return to my passion writing projects, historical fiction set during the 12th century.

During a discussion with Dr. Kwakkel when he was my instructor, I told him I wanted to write historical fiction set in the Middle Ages. He said I should write a story set in the Medieval University. Well, three years later, while writing my honours thesis, an idea came. For now, it is on the back burner to one day be written. I look forward to the wonderful and delicious hours/weeks/ months which I will need to spend in European university libraries to enable the writing of a story which will do my professor proud.

Many hours spent in European libraries… Hmmm…maybe I should undertake a Master’s Degree so I can gain scholarly access?

You can also read about another type of Medieval manuscript on one of my previous blog posts here.

2 thoughts on “Illuminated Manuscripts – a personal passion”

  1. Beautiful addition to your Illuminated Collection! You have inspired me to search around in some of our local rare book stores! Awesome, thanks for sharing your passion.

  2. Dear Cheryl, You are most welcome. I hope your search bears fruit. Enjoy the journey through your local bookstores and don’t forget to seek them out when you travel. You’d be amazed what you can find. Blessings to you. Kelly

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