Another year is upon us. A year full of possibility, hope and adventure.

No matter how difficult 2017 may have been for you, I pray that you look at 2018 with those three things in mind.

Every day is a possibility: to move forward in our dreams or to mend something broken, whatever they may be.

Have hope that for the next 365 days, the sky is the limit for anything we desire to see happen in our lives in the coming year. Dream big!!! You just may achieve more than you expect.

See all that can happen as a new adventure, don’t fear what is to come, welcome the challenge and enjoy the journey.

This is just a short message to start off my blogging year. I will return to my Saturday series on Weapons in my Armoury – tools in the writing life, this coming Saturday. There are three Saturdays left in this 7 part series.

Blessings to you and yours.



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