Book Collecting

Frankenstein – Autumn’s Monstrous Influx

Sunday’s new theme – Something Literary – focuses on the classic novel Frankenstein. Frankenstein has been making appearances in my life. I didn’t know it was the two-hundred-year anniversary since Mary Shelley wrote and published  Frankenstein or the Modern Prometheus. but I started to see a pattern. In September, before I went to California, I received …

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Illuminated Manuscripts – a personal passion

Illuminated Manuscripts give me an amazing amount of pleasure and inspiration. On this blog, today is Something Beautiful Monday and this is the cover image of the latest addition to my personal library. I found this beautiful book Friday in the rare book section of our local beloved bookstore – Russell Books. During my Medieval Studies …

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Commonplace Books

  While attempting to come up with a title for my earlier post on Notetaking, I discovered a little-known fact. Our modern-day practice of notetaking and collecting those notes in books has historical origins. According to the Harvard University Library Open Collections Program: “In the most general sense, a commonplace book contains a collection of …

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