Weapons in my Armoury – You Gotta Believe!!! Can I get an Amen?

This first Saturday of 2018, I am returning to my series: Weapons in my Armoury. If you are new to this series, an explanation can be found in the last paragraph here. My weapon this week is that of believing in yourself. Throughout our lives, there will be nay-sayers. Those people who, for whatever reason, …read in detail

A Weary World Rejoices

“A weary world rejoices” is a line from the Christmas carol, O Holy Night. There are times in my life that a line from a song really resonates with me, and it becomes a source of meditation. Lately, this is just such a line… A weary world rejoices.                                   It is that time of year when Christmas …read in detail

Weapons in my Armoury – on pause for the Holidays

I have decided to pause my Saturday series until the New Year.  I will still post so stay tuned for more Seasonal offerings in the coming weeks. The Christmas decorations will be going up,   time will be spent with family and friends, and I will be walking around enjoying all the wonderful light displays …read in detail

Commonplace Books

    While attempting to come up with a title for my earlier post on Notetaking, I discovered a little-known fact. Our modern-day practice of notetaking and collecting those notes in books has historical origins. According to the Harvard University Library Open Collections Program: “In the most general sense, a commonplace book contains a collection …read in detail