Commonplace Books

    While attempting to come up with a title for my earlier post on Notetaking, I discovered a little-known fact. Our modern-day practice of notetaking and collecting those notes in books has historical origins. According to the Harvard University Library Open Collections Program: “In the most general sense, a commonplace book contains a collection …read in detail

Collecting Notes – Write or Type?

I read a very interesting article recently, Why Digital Note-taking will Never Replace the Physical Journal. It caused me to reexamine my own note-taking practice. Until I was a student at The University of Victoria, I was always a long-hand note taker. While at university, some instructors were giving so much information very quickly that …read in detail

Weapons in my Armoury – Power of the Prompt

In a boot camp class for NANOWRIMO 2012, I first learned the power of a writing prompt. We started every session with a twenty-minute writing warm-up using a prompt the instructor wrote on the chalkboard. The very first prompt, on the very first class turned into the opening page of the novel I started that …read in detail

A Change for the Better

Welcome to my updated website. I started this website almost two years ago, and it was time for an upgrade/update. Technology like mathematics is a constant source of amazement to me. Like math, my understanding of the application and magic behind the screen is limited. Meaning, I have been on a huge learning curve for …read in detail