I live and work on an Island on the West Coast of Canada.  I am also a care-giver to my Mother, who, as of June 2016 has lived 100 years. I feel blessed every day to have the privilege of this time with her, it is truly a gift.

I have lived and traveled all over the world, as an explorer, lover of other peoples and cultures, and as a missionary. A lot of my travels have been inspired by historical fiction and true stories of those who have gone before me.  I have marvelled at the utter depth and expansiveness of the love of God found in this diverse world we live in.  He truly is a creative God, with a heart that longs for relationship with His creation in every culture and creed. His sole desire is to be found by us, and He will do all in his power for our heart to meet His. If you haven’t already, will you open yourself up to this amazing possibility, to have a relationship with the Creator of the Universe, who so longed to bridge the chasm between us, that he made a way, through the death of His Son Jesus.

 Through the years I have felt God drop stories into my heart.  Sometimes I have been faithful and scratched down the ideas. These scratchings are on various means of containment, scraps of paper, note books and journals which I have hauled around with me through the years.  Other times I have let them go, distracted by life’s many demands. About fifteen years ago, I felt God nudge me in the direction of writing, and at that time, I sat down to begin writing my first work of historical fiction. I was a mere six chapters short of a completed rough draft, when I realized that I needed to put in a lot more research time to do the story justice. I felt completely inadequate in my ability to do the in-depth research good historical fiction requires.

It was when I was at a transition point in my professional life, I took a leap of faith. I realized there was only one way to learn the research skills I needed, so I applied to the local university and at age 48 was accepted into a Bachelor’s degree program in Medieval Studies. It was a wild four years of crazy study and work, but at the end of it I graduated Honours with distinction.  Needless to say, I now have the research skills I previously lacked, plus so many instructors and learned friends that are also avenues of contact when the library books and scholarly articles are not enough. The academic world is so much smaller that I realized and I am so happy to have the ability to access it.

Now armed with those skills, I am ready to apply them and forge ahead on my writing quest. 

Will you join me?