In honour of Monday’s new theme, Something Beautiful, I celebrate autumn colours. The leaves will soon be done, but I still will celebrate the visual joy I’ve experienced this fall.

As much as I love the flowers and blossoms of spring that are harbingers of warmer days to come, I love equally, the autumn colours; the leaves of red and gold that blanket the earth in their brilliant finery.

Maple trees now stand in pools of red, their leaves, like blood, having dripped to the ground.


While some trees discard their autumn leaves on nature’s floor this vine hangs them on an arborial clothesline. Horizontal …. 


and Vertical…


Oak trees, their big leaves that offered shade from the sun during the summer, now lie bronze and golden, a testament to nature’s alchemy.


And then there are pumpkins. Oh, how I love pumpkins! And even though the pumpkin season has now past, my love for them compels me to include them. For years I have driven by the fields of pumpkins wishing I could stop. Well, this year, now owning a car, I went out one afternoon to take pictures. Even though I had already purchased a pumpkin, I bought two more. Well, three really, I was on my way to visit some friends that evening and instead of a bouquet of flowers as a hostess gift, I gave them a sugar pumpkin, perfect for pies.


Mom just shook her head when I brought two more pumpkins home.  Pies and baking will be the result, which she certainly won’t complain about. 

The autumn winds have arrived and branches are quickly being stripped of their colourful glory. They all will soon lie rotting, giving nourishment to the earth.

Rainy winter days have arrived and soon all the branches will be bare, ready for spring’s greenery once again.  

Did you visit the pumpkin fields or go for walks in the fallen leaves? What is your favourite part of autumn? Leave me a comment and tell me.


6 thoughts on “Autumn’s Beauty”

    1. Hello Jennifer,

      Thank you very much. I quickly hopped over to your website and I really like what you have there. I’ll be a return visitor. Thanks for leaving the comment and letting me discover a fellow writer in/of faith. Blessings

  1. Gorgeous red leaves on the rocks. November is not my favorite month of the year, though this November has been stunning. My favorite month was September:
    Try to remember the kind of September
    When life was slow and oh, so mellow.
    Try to remember the kind of September
    When grass was green and grain so yellow.

    Enjoy the last few days of fall.

    1. Hello,

      Thanks for the comment. I love that song, it is my favourite from the musical The Fantastics. If you haven’t seen it before, try to find it, it is wonderful.

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